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Back From Doll’s World.

After my art show was done, I decided to spend some time working on sculptures, nurturing another part of my artist’s brain.

I signed up for a workshop in Toronto with this amazing artist, Kate Church.

Her whimsical little figures, steel your heart and invade your life.

I came back floating on this new world of dolls and sculptures. It seems like my world has opened another door to the world of animation.

The figurines start from a ball of clay and slowly, with little pinches and pokes from here to there, the personality shows up.

I am hooked. So easy to spend hours making little people, dressing them up.

I have to say: the sewing part is not much fun for me, but I am loving the end result!

I guess I found what to do when I am not painting!





My Artist Bag

It is hard to have just one!

Artist bags should be hung on the wall by categories and mood.

I wish I could take the entire studio with me on my walks.

Usually I bring with me:

a few pencils,


my sketchbook, which by the way it is NOT watercolor paper, what makes the paper wrinkle a bit but I don’t really care,

a watercolor travel set,

tissue paper and

a camera to capture the little surprises on the way.

I sketch fast, don’t really want to get attained on details, I like to paint the mood, colors and feelings. Realism does not match with my personality anyway.

My passenger’s car seat is my office desk and the city ticket guys already know me!

“Keep moving your are on a NO parking zone, mam!”

“Sorry Sir, but I am drawing this area (show them the sketchbook), any chance to hang out for a bit?!”

“Five minutes…”

I guess art does touch everybody’s heart at some level!

I heard a quote the other day that I’ve been using as a motto: “You should not have to spend a lot of money to make art!”. I believe Alisa Burke said that, not sure.


my artist bag


My Life In A Sketchbook

So, I decided to set my diary/journal aside for while. Step outside the world, and try with very quick drawings show you what I see everyday.

I bought a watercolor travel set, which gives me just a few colors, enough to get started and not too picky.

I packed my artist bag (which I will be showing to you soon) and went around downtown,  wishing for a clue.

Spring is here, and boats are getting in the water.

What a lovely feeling, having the wind on my face.

Some call it Freedom, I might call it – Life!

Welcome to my sketchbook project!

sketchbook-8 sketchbook-9





Welcome To My New Home!

Hello my friends,

Thank you all for coming and visiting my new blog.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me.

My creative life has taken off and I am daily in awe to all the changes the Universe has been unveiling to me.

My kids are growing so fast that sometimes hurt to watch the changes.

Becoming a mother has been the best gift life could have given to me. I learnt so much that sometimes I wonder if they are learning in equal amounts.

On the same way, becoming an artist, at least calling myself one, is a product of this whole motherhood process.

I am here now, painting and creating because my kids brought me here.

We grew together, we tried things together and art connected us on daily basis.

I will be showing you a few of my day-to-day activities, some with my children but most of all, my own growth and development process.

I would love to hear from you and see what you are up to.

Please, introduce yourself and let’s chat!


Bird Watching - acryl./charcoal on canvas 30" x 30" Bird Watching – acrylic and charcoal on canvas
30″ x 30″ SOLD



In My Painting Shoes

Walking in my painting shoes is fun!
I explore places I’ve never been before. I step outside boundaries, I get inspired, I dance,  I twirl…
My dog loves my shoes. Sometimes he hides them from me.
It usually takes me a week to find.
I have a hard time painting without them.
They fit well, are comfortable and I don’t mind when a few splashes of paint change their look.
This week, I started thinking that I should give them a better treatment.
With a few doodles, color (Sharpies are my favorite) and outlines, this is how they look like now!
Fun and relaxing exercise, you should try it! Get the kids involved too!

Life Is Unfolding

What should I say?!
I’ve been away for awhile. Life has been presenting me with a whole lot of possibilities.
I’ve been learning a new painting technique with this very happy, intriguing, blooming group.
I spend most of my time between my family and my studio, life seems to go well like that.
I knew there was just a little something missing…I needed to exercise but no stamina to start.
I read my friend Tracy’s blog and she mentioned having a yoga teacher coming to her house, once a week for training session.
I immediately thought It would do wonders for me, since getting out of my house was the big deal!
So, two weeks ago I started my yoga practices. Soft music, meditation, quiet mind and one hour of learning to balance my body. mind and spirit.
I am not a believer of coincidences, I think life unfolds its magic in front of you when you start following your path with love.
I could hear my body screaming for a diet that focused on my body type and I preferred following the Ayurveda Medicine for a change.
I knew my basic dosha type was Vatta-Pitta (Kappa mind wise), so started selecting the food I ate based on that.
I am still struggling with a crave of sugar, but on the other hand, I discovered it is very good for my dosha. So, in moderation, why not?!
Together with my little changes, came my daily meditation practices, which make my day flow with a lot of beauty.
My paintings have been tuning to a quiet place, serene but still colorful.
My daily life has been filled with purpose, mindful choices and balance.
It feels good, very good…
In my quiet space, I wonder which steps to follow, listen to my heart and wish quietly in the Universe ears…

“Star Gazing”, mixed media on wood,  24″ x 24″

Adventures in New York City

Happy 2013!
It started very well for me!
I spent four gorgeous days in New York City with my father.
We had a great time and I enjoy listening to his art knowledge, trying to keep every single word locked in my brain.
I basically took an empty luggage and came back with it packed.
Nothing you can really see, but the experience got ingrained in my soul and will slowly spill out in life.
It was a “let go” kind of trip. I expected nothing, I planned nothing, I wanted nothing special but at the end it was very rewarding.
I walked and let my feet take me to places.
I literally took 5 shirts, one pair of pants, one coat, one sweater, the toiletry, one pair of hiking boots and basic underwear for four days stay.
NO makeup, NO fancy clothes, NO jewelry.
It felt so good not having to worry about baggage being lost or misplaced.
I was free!
I wander about, I walked miles and miles, I talked to people I didn’t know, stared at the inspiring character who wonder around the city, ate sushi at a restaurant that was smaller than my bathroom, but tasted better than any sushi I ever had, I ate toasted chez nuts by the curb among the workers from a construction site, played at the toy store like all the other 7 year old kids, walked, walked,…
I had some money, not much, to spend in a few artsy items.
I didn’t buy any clothes.  New York has disappointed me on this. All the stores have Made In China clothes, nothing local, very unappealing!
I walked up, down and sideways.
I found a diamond  street, an orquidea street, a fabric street, a tourist street, little china, little Japan, little Brazil and an entire block with galleries! (yeah! Chelsea, I loved being there)
I also found Chelsea Market!
 When I saw all these people going inside this stinky funny looking building, couldn’t resist, I had to check it out! Lucky me, I found a little hidden spot, no tourists! Next time you go to New York, spend some time there, smell the spices, taste the cheeses, try the hot chocolates, coffees and of course, a good glass of wine.
In Little China I visited the artists Meca – Pearl Paints – a 7th floor building packed with artist’s supplies. No kidding, a little overwhelming. There was so much to see that I ended up with my basket empty, I didn’t know where to start! You got to have good legs to go up and down the old building stairs.
I bought books and had cappuccinos, read, slept and walk.
I missed my family a lot and being back to them was delightful.
I am grateful for having the opportunity to go in this trip, share and see so much life!
Until next trip…
“From The Other Side” acrylic and charcoal on canvas

New Year Magic!

I come from a country, Brazil, where  New Year’s eve celebration is almost sacred.
I grew up planning and hoping for a great New Year’s party because that would reflect on how great the following year would be. Everything was important, the people I hang out with, the clothes I wore for the night, the way I showered, the food I ate…
So much energy spend in only one night. The first of January would come, the sun would rise the same and I was the same.
Today, after living in Canada for 13 years, I understand that my New Year magic is everyday!
It is based on the way I talked to people, the way I interact with the world, the way I love and the way I give thanks.
Gratitude is the key work for every magic you want to place in your life!
Gratitude brings joy to your everyday little activities, to little smiles, gestures, surprises.
It fills your heart with so much love that spreads around and joy is all what surrounds you.
An artist friend, Tracy Olan, has a beautiful description of these little moments:

Some moments are for fine tuning your groove, so you can live the life you signed up for.  Some moments are for treasuring the ground you stand on, just grateful to be getting another chance to get it right and be near the ones you hold in your heart.”

So all I wish you for this coming year is be perceptive of these little miracles, be grateful for life and change will come!
Happy 2013!
Thank you all who brought so much magic into my life!

“Night Bloom” – mixed media on canvas

The New Beginning

Today, December 21st, is the Winter Solstice.
Millions of people are celebrating the end of the Mayan Cycle and return of light.
I believe that we all have an specific role on this planet and when light shines in our heart, a door opens in our mind and our path seems more clear.
I want to celebrate today and be grateful for what I have.
Be mindful, live in the present.
I recently got across a website, Heart Fire Gateways, where Tristan gives a few clues into meditation.
So, what I wish for you, today, is a state of stillness where your mind is quiet, peace easy in your heart and gratitude becomes your way of living.

Happy New Beginning!

Solstice – mixed media on wood, 12×12″


    I always liked this word – introspection.
    So, the wikipedia gives us the following definition:

    introspection is the self-examination of one’s conscious thoughts and feelings.[1] In psychology, the process of introspection relies exclusively on the purposeful and rational self-observation of one’s mental state; however, introspection is sometimes referenced in a spiritual context as the examination of one’s soul

    I understand that according to the dictionary and if you break down the words, introspection is an active and intellectual process. 
    However, introspection can also be a state of mind, the final product of the self-examination.
    Meditation is an excellent exercise to achieve that state and it seems that at the end, this turning inside to your feelings and contact with this self-awarness, leads to an easier and wholesome life.
    So today, stop for a few minutes, take all in, sit there and just be. 
    I have found a very good CD that helped with this process – Meditation for beginners by Jack Kornfield. Totally worth it! 

    Recently, I was working on my canvas and a figure started to form. I don’t usually paint portraits because it is a big leap for me,  but this one brought me  an interesting sense of awareness, so I called it –  “Introspection”, mixed media on canvas, 12″x24″
    It was fun making it! I hope you like it!

    Introspection by Babi Sugarman

    Pure Imagination

    One of the most powerful movies to feed a kid imagination.
    Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971), filled my dreams, I wanted to be Charlie, I wanted to taste the world and see it like a candy store.
    If the world could be a paradise. If all our dreams could come true.
    If you truly believe…
    So this is my wish to all of you this Holiday Season.
    Be a truly believer of your dreams!
    I will meet you at the Chocolate Factory!


    We did it!
    Thanks to all that came and enjoy the beautiful day.
    I surrounded my life with art, friends, inspiration, laugher.
    An entire day of art chats. The air of my house was filled with the smell of cider, good wine and cheese.
    I revamped the first floor of the house two fit the work of two artists and at the end I think we did a great job!
    A lot of our work went to their new home and hearts and left a little taste of accomplishment.
    Sometimes, just a little imagination helps…

    Artist Life – NOT Easy!

    Another day, I was visiting a gem show in my city, I met a vendor who asked my profession and I told him, “I am a full time artist!”. He answered, “Wow, what an easy life!” I sighed and left…
    Can someone please tell me who said that artist life is easy?!
    Seriously, mine is  far from easy.
    I wake up at 4 am because inspiration strikes and I can’t afford not to get the glimpse of a good idea.
    I  do bookkeeping, marketing, sales, web design, gallery sitting, book shows, take pictures (photography is a big deal on this business), search for deals, beg for discounts, update pages on Facebook, write a blog, keep an etsy store going, apply for grants, apply for shows, keep track of what the other artists are doing, visit, when possible, galleries and art shows, paint, frame and hang my work!
    Along with all these, I also, take  kids to school, swimming and gymnastics, cook, clean the house, fold the laundry (Mr. Sugar does the laundry! Lucky me!), socialize, play dates, birthday parties, volunteer at kids school, plus a few other things that probably slipped my mind.
    I don’t watch TV because there is nothing there that is going to do all this work for me!
    Once an awhile, I sit down to watch a movie, I probably fall asleep most of the time.
    I am not complaining, I do it because I love it! But don’t come to me saying that my life is easy because IT IS NOT!
    Artists united against prejudice!

    Time And Art

    Time and art, these are two concepts that should never be presented together.
    I loose my time when I make art, but at the other hand, I don’t make art if I don’t have time!
    Recently, I’ve been working late hours in the night. Colors have been dancing on my palette and shapes have been forming on my canvas.
    It all starts with a black field, going into abstract work and figures start dancing in front of me!
    Making art has been an exciting process and I can’t wait to share it with you!
    So, put in your calendar.
    November 24th I will have an open studio, along with Rheni Tauchid and her paintings on acrylic skins!
    I will keep you posted for details later.
    Please enjoy one of my latest creation – “Star Gazing” acrylic and charcoal on wood. It will be available together with many others in my open studio!

    I Am a Helper!!!

    Yes, right!
    It seems like everybody else is.
    I filled a test online to find out my Enneagram personality. An excellent source for self-discovery.
    I had done the test 20 years ago and totally forgot my type. So I bought the online survey, only 10 dollars. There are a few for free but not so accurate.
    I have a strong Helper personality! Sometimes good, sometimes gets me into trouble.
    The description is so amazing that made me go back in life and understand a few incidents.
    Possessive! My husband is going to like to hear that! See Mr. Sugar, it is not my fault, just my kind personality!
    What I really liked was the image they chose for the Helper!
    Isn’t she lovely?!
    I can see myself on my kitchen apron baking some goodies!
    Have a great weekend you all, I have to sip my coffee over 15 pages of self-discovery!

    Latest paintings!

    Time has been creeping up on me!
    We are already celebrating Thanksgiving and my mind is on my son’s birthday, which is approaching very fast. He will be 6 years old in less than a week!
    Last time I sat down and relax was during Christmas celebrations. So where did my time go?!! 
    At least I know that, some of this time I spent painting.
    Here are a couple of my offsprings.
    Please, don’t forget to come and visit me on facebook or my website!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    ps- I know, more bowls, I just can’t stop painting them!
    “Knowledge Tree, acrylic on canvas

    “Underworld” mixed media on canvas

    Emotional Compass – Friends

    “I was to find myself facing north. For this to happen, I need the input and support of my friends. Left to my own devices, I just spin around. We have the expression “Everything went south.” I want to avoid that possibility. And so I seek the companionship of like minded spirits – people who are both tough-minded and tenderhearted.
    Seeking to savor my life, I need to savor first of all my relationships. Friends keep me on track…”
    (by Julia Cameron in The Creative Life)

    Certainty is an amazing feeling to have. Knowing where you are going and how to get there is also a gift! However, for me these things would never be possible without friends support.
    They are my emotional compass! They are the ones that pull me back when I am wandering. They are the ones that poke me to say “Hello! Earth is calling!”
    They are the buffers of my tears, the amplifiers of my laughs.
    Their a presence are so strong that sometimes they don’t even need to be there!
    To all my friends, thank you for everything!

    The following paintings are my latests creations, I hope you like them!
    For more information, please visit my website or my Facebook page .

    Seedlings – mixed media on wood

    Transformation – mixed media on wood

    Life Motto

    “We must be willing to let go of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

    I grew up believing that we have a path to follow. That this path is not necessarily leading us to where we want to be, but takes us through emotions and situations we chose to study deeper, which would make us spiritually stronger.
    Sometimes, path and destination get all mixed up! I think this happens when our intellect comes in and starts planning too much.
    I thought the quote above would truly represent what is happening in my life now and I wanted  to share it.
    So, writing your own life story does not necessarily takes you straight from point A to B, we got to live the little nuances life presents to us so we can get to where we want with a full baggage.
    Enjoy your day and pack your bags with the good stuff!


    I do believe that we are here, in this life/world to develop as human beings.
    Being greatful for what comes your way, it is one of the greatest virtues one can have.
    All I ask is to be aware of all the little special moments around me, so I can be grateful for witnessing every single one.
    Harvest, is my latest painting, mixed media on canvas.
    Just because, I am happy for what comes in my bowl!
    Thank YOU!!!

    Harvest – Mixed media on canvas
    16 x 40″
    PS – I have a Facebook page now, Babi Sugarman Studio, please join me there if you wish!

    Where I Am Standing On…

    …I have no idea! But I am still standing!
    That’s it, life is just passing fast, I am just hoping it is because summer is ending and there is still a lot to be done.
    My kids had grown, so much, physically and intellectually that I’ve been bombarded with all sort of questions: How do babies get inside mommy’s belly?! Do you have to take a needle to have a baby?! (this was my favorite!) Is there alligators in the lake at the cottage?! Can my best friend and I be brothers for real life?! Can weekdays be weekends so I can play wii?! And this is only a few of what I had to answer during the summer!
    My kids mind seemed to be working on bundles and at the end of the night, my favorite part of the day, when we cuddle beside each other on bedtime and they both say: “Mommy, this was a great day, I love you!” That pays off anything.
    In the middle of summer activities, play dates, new discoveries, trips, cottage time, I actually managed to have my art shown at the Women’s Festival in town, which for me was a BIG step. Not only I loved to see how people reacted to my paintings and photographs but  I watching life little coincidences unfold in front of me, was just enchanting. Hey, I even sold a few pieces!
    However, I have to say that I could not have done it alone. Thank you to Judith for being with me the whole day, setting up and packing my stuff.
    Thank you Mr. Sugar for taking care of our little ones and bringing me coffee when I most needed and specially, thank you all that came and enjoyed the sunny day with me.
    So, moving on, I left the festival with a mind full of ideas and could not wait to get back into my studio and produce more art.
    I am telling you, this is addictive! Get ready to close your eyes and dream with what you will be doing next. It is a non stop creation mode.
    Well, school is almost here, lunch boxes are organized (sort off), back packs bought, drawers cleans and house tidy. I am just going to sit back for the next few days with my lingering thoughts, my sketch book and let the beauty of the end of the summer enter our lives with the breezy smell of Fall.

    When you have a chance, come and visit my website, there is a lot of new art posted! See you soon!

    “Aquario” Mixed Media on wood, 12 x 24″ framed
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