When Things Go On a Different Way…

I know it is all I talk about, but I’ve been working very  hard for the art show on Sunday.
I will be surrounded by amazing artist women and really would like to cause a good impression…
Working with paint is like making bread, very forgiving. It doesn’t matter how big is your mistake, it always ends up in a pleasant surprise.
A few days ago I had poured way too much blue paint on my palette, I couldn’t get it back in the tube so decided to spread on to a canvas, as the paint went on, I saw the blue night sky showing and a need for more colors, when backed up, my garden was there, waiting for me to sit under the moon and watch nature blooming.
This is what I got.
“Night Bloom” – mixed media on canvas – 24 x 48″

If you want to have a closer look, come and visit me at the Women’s Art Festival in Kingston, this Sunday from 10am to 5pm. I will be at the booth 169.


Recently, a childhood friend, Andrea Pernambuco Toledo, released a kid’s book called Sacita, it is in Portuguese, but if you can’t read the language, at least you can make up your own story, the illustration is so beautiful!
Last night, after putting the kids to bed, I sat in my studio and started day dreaming about how interesting would be translating the world to kids through illustration.
It was very late at night, but inside me I had this urge to produce something that my kids would identify themselves with.
I stared at my painting and wondered how would be to put a little child look into my buildings.
I searched for inspiration on line and today this is what I came up with.
There are many different layers of paint, paper and scribbles, my eyes are sore, It was a busy night!
Oh I forgot to put the black cat there!
Can you see him walking on top of the roof?!
What else can you see?

Mixed media on wood
12 x 24″

The Artist Room

Painting has been a great find and amazing journey for me.
Lately, as I told you on my previous post, the tides from my country beaches flowed me with inspiration, the colors seem to dance on my palette, I just can’t top them!
However, thinking back, my first art show late April, I couldn’t stop myself from recreating the room it all happened.
So here it is, mixed media on cradled wooden panel – The Artist Room!

What Is Going On In My Studio!

For those who don’t know yet, I am originally from Brazil and have been living in Canada for the past 11 years.
In a recent trip back home, I visit this charming historic village called – Paraty.
It is a heritage site, where only horses, Man feet and bikes are allowed on the streets.
The buildings are almost all white, with colored trims and doors.
The streets are paved with huge cable stones, which makes walking there a big challenge.
It is all candy for the eyes of an artist, but what most caught my attention there, was the tide cycle.
I could not experience in full this phenomenon, because we were there a little bit earlier for the it, but apparently, in certain times of the year, more particularly when is a full moon, the tide comes in the city, washes off the streets, stick for a bit, making the little village look like Venice and leave.
Sometimes, I would wake up in the morning and see its traces in a few locations.
I came back home with all these information in my heart and lately I have been trying to explore the idea in my paintings.
These a few of them, there are more to come and I will be showing them all in August 19th, at the Women’s Art Festival in Kingston, Ontario.
I hope you enjoy it!

If you want to know more about my trip to Paraty, please visit Heritage Site and We are back, two previous posts where I talk about my little adventure there!

It Is All About The Front Door – Energizing The Area

Have you heard of Feng Shui?!

This Chinese art, understands that there is a system of laws that considers the spatial arrangement of things have a  straight relation with the flow of energy in the place, causing positive or negative effects.

The first impression that people have of your home comes from stepping into the entryway, especially that all-important first visit. 

Feng shui décor is all about balance and prosperity, with the utmost importance placed on yin and yang and chi. Your chi is your life force, so providing balance within your home, work, and personal life will help you in every aspect of life, from finances to love life and travel. For this reason, the importance of feng shui décor in your entryway cannot be overstated.

So, as I knew about this factor and looking to the situation of my little cottage’s front door, I decided bring some color and life to its dull and scraped life!

This is what I have accomplished after carving the designs and adding some color to it!

Any more ideas for a good front door chi?! I am still working on my house one!

LIfe Mottos

We all have heard a few of them.
We all want to follow every single word said.
I think the life mottos, the best ones, can be found inside us, in every day little act of kindness.
But still, it doesn’t harm listening to a few good words that can help unveiling these little treasures.
Here is my favorite:

To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not, rich; to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages, with open heart; to study hard; to think quietly, act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never; in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common–this is my symphony.


Kost Garden – by Babi Sugarman

Exciting News!

We (Mr. Sugar and I) are part of this awesome show along with other great photographers and textile artists!
I would love you to come and check it out!
It is a great opportunity to get together!

Inventing Stuff With Kids

Yeahhhhhh! Summer is here!
Shine or rain, the little guys are always after you…”mom, what can we make today?! I am bored!”
Mom: “Guys, it is only 8 am and you are already after me?! Really?!
Daddy comes up with a big box.
“Hey mommy, look the new camera equipment I just got!”
Mom was very impressed, not with the camera equipment, but with what was still inside the box.
POPCORN!!! The ones for packing, made of styrofoam.
Mom and kids spent the next hour, putting together all sort of creatures, planets, cells and they even built their own dna strands.
Sometimes, fun is cheap, easy and accessible!
Look around to see what you can find and come by to tell me what sort of things you created with your little ones!

It’s Summer Time!

Wow, it is finally here!
Kids are out of school, the air is filled with the expectation for all the activities.
I woke up at 4 am. I just love waking up early, but 4 am is a little bit too early!

I guess I just had to say good morning to the sunrise, meet with the flowers in the yard, have my coffee with my Morning Pages and start two more paintings.
It feels good working when the house is quiet.
I also discovered a new song I like – Ho Hey by The Lumineers.

My husband, the music man, thinks there is nothing to it, but still, I like it! It made me twirl and dance at 4 am!

What are your plans for the summer?!
What makes you twirl?!

Starting My Day

Every day I wake up at least 1 hour before everybody else, make my coffee, prepare the lunch boxes and sit on my reading chair to write my Morning Pages.
The usually work as a flushing system, where I nag as much as I can so my mind would be clean of it at least for a few hours.
Thanks to Julia Cameron (The Artist Way), my life has been moving forward.
Today, my Morning Pages were filled with good memories, with wonders of when I can do it again and wishing thoughts of going back soon to Paraty.

Trindade Beach – Paraty
So, just imagine, waking up in a city, at least part of it, where cars are not allowed.
Having your breakfast on tables set up on cable stones in the middle of the street, watch the carriage going by delivering milk and bread and visit the local beach, where you barely can see a single soul but the amazing green coast behind you!
So, my goal for two years from now, maybe earlier if I am lucky, rent a house in Paraty and enjoy this beauty for 30 days and make ART!
Come with me!

Time To Evaluate

It has been an intense month.
Life changes so fast that sometimes, we just don’t see the beauty passing by you.
Slowing down is a good thing and I usually reserve it for when the leaves or snow are falling.
Now, it is time to evaluate all what we got in our pockets.
All the ideas, dreams and inspiration. I am trying to figure a few things out and pondering the best path to choose.
I know inside me this path has been chosen a long time ago, but life keeps bringing up challenges that makes my decision a little bit foggier.
I love my cottage, there is my little space to think, reevaluate and just be!
I need to have my feet on the ground, not worry about clocks, float on the lake and watch my family having a good time!
So, blogging will be coming from both end from now one…
Can’t wait to start showing you what I’ve been “cooking” in my studio!

We Are Back!

After three weeks of intense, traveling, eating, loving, hugging and meeting, we are finally back home, with the bags full of love, care, memories, lingering thoughts…
The Sugar kids got to meet my country and family.
Mr. Sugar had the opportunity to take gorgeous pictures and I recharged my batteries and filled my heart with new people and love!
It was good to go, but very nice to be back!
So here a few shots that I want to share with you.

Paraty Portuguese Colonial Architecture

Paraty beach in the morning

Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro
Paraty – Brazil – low tide

Festival in Paraty

Morning at the beach in Paraty

Party Landscape

NO cars allowed in Paraty

The streets of Paraty! 

Heritage Site

After two weeks of intense family, wedding and friends activities, we chose to settle down at this charming place called Paraty.
It is a Heritage site by the ocean, where in certain parts of the town, cars are not allowed.
Cable stones pave the path, walking through town is an exciting balance exercise.
The architecture is the portuguese colonial style, very well kept by the locals.
Jonathan and I came here 10 years ago and we wanted to celebrate our 10th. wedding anniversary, going back to a few places we’ve been.
There was a religious festival in town and the streets were filled with flags.
I took so many pictures, my head is filled with ideas.

I will post a few here but I recommend you to come and check it out!

Somewhere In The World

Somewhere in the world is exactly where I was for the past week.
My mom lives there – Barra de Sao Joao – RJ
Internet signal is very poor, so I got delayed on messages and posts.
It is a fisherman village with very little to offer, but the ocean is right in front of her door. Virgin beauty, just wondering for how long would stay like that! Kilometers of waterfront with nobody around!

We had a great time, kids got to enjoy their grandmother outside of wedding party’s madness.

By the way, the wedding was gorgeous! My brother was extremely happy and the bride was a real princess. Pretty, elegant, charming and lovely.
My camera battery died a few minutes before the party started, for my frustration, I wasn’t able to photo document it!
Well, I guess I will keep all the beauty for myself. Be jealous!

Going Back On Time!

Yes, my friends, we made it!
We travelled 24 hours until get to Rio.
So many changes, more organized, so many people.
We are not used to crowds anymore.
I’ve been walking around and showing my family where I grew up, where I used to live, place I liked go, food I enjoyed eating.
The experience has been more enjoyable for me than for them.
There is a lot of life history behind the cookies, coffees, aromas.
Every bite brings back memories. Good, bad, it doesn’t matter. They are part of  what I am today, they belong to my character dna.

Watching Julia and Dante jumping the waves and tasting the salted water, is the best part.

We totally looked like aliens! All these brazilians with small bikinis and my kids dressing like that! We  had just arrived from the airport and the checking time was later. Kids could not wait!

The Outcome!

I did! I did!
I put myself out there, I waited for critics, comments and looks.
I open my heart for any experience that a personal art show would bring and promised not to take too personally.
The outcome?! I sold a few pieces and learnt a lot!
There were laughs, wows and silence.
I tried not to translate every sigh and the day passed very fast.
I totally loved the experience and  I want to do it more often.
I think everyone, should put him/herself out there and listen.
It is a life lesson.
Even the stories that came up when the audience trying to analize my work, were a piece of art.
Oh boy, Freud would have loved this!
I will be updating my personal website with new pictures soon and you will be able to see all the art work there!
Thanks for supporting me!

The entrance

“Taken” first painting to be taken!

I brought my wedding dress too! The bed was part of the set up!

Life Choices

Sometimes, we ask ourselves, the reason we are here and if we are following a pre-determined path.
Life twists it courses so many time during our existence, that figuring out if we are on the right path can be tricky!
If we were leaving in Star Wars World, I wold say that The Force pulls and pushes us around, makes people come and go, presents us with unexpected situations, fills our souls with questions, doubts and searches for answers.
All this turmoil, all this state of wonder, all this wanting to do the right thing are the reason we are here.
We are living our destiny every day we wake up.
Our choices and the way we deal with them are our reason to be alive.
If we could just remember that in the morning and try to guide our day on the best way possible, at the end of our daily journey we would sit and budget the instant results of our quest.
So, as we heard before, but never hurt repenting – the important is how we cross the path and not how fast we get there!
ps- Don’t forget, our paths can cross on Sunday, April 29th, if you come to check my art show out!
55 Mowat AVe, from 10am to 6pm.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

An Art Show!

Dear friends,
this is my first showing and I am very excited and honored to be invited to be part of this beautiful group of artists.
Tracy Olan’s work is dreamy and you will be delighted with her encaustic and fiber pieces.
Annette Willis has her hands on collages, stunning quilts and other fabric creations.
I am coming along, with layered mixed media pieces, representing my 10th wedding anniversary and a few photo creations.
I hope to see you there!

Sunday, April 29th. 2012.
Mowat Ave, Portsmouth Village
10 am to 4 pm

I guess that explains why I’ve been so away from my blog lately!

Dinning With Fairies

Totally surreal experience, but totally worth it!
Just imagine, how much magic could one be sharing with the little wee folk in this marvelous, magic, divine, setting!
Today, I had a little wee folk inspiration. It usually happens when I am surrounded by kids and producing art.
I started making a bunch of little hobbit/gnome houses and its little habitants.
Kids got all excited and now, they want to make an entire village.
The houses are still under construction and I will be posting them soon.
Meanwhile, why not to appreciate this dreamy forest mingle, produced by Faerie Magazine!

Picture borrowed from Faerie Magazine

Beeswax Candle Making

Wow, time has been passing so fast that I didn’t realize I’ve been neglecting my writing time.

Good things on the horizon, looking forward to some down time too.

Where has the time gone!

Well, we’ve been upgrading our healthy living in many different areas.

Our kids have been actively transforming routine daily activities into sustainable healthy ones.

We are big fans of candle light dinners but recently I purchased a pillar candle that produced so much smoke that we had to throw it away.

That made us wonder about all it has been added to a candle and the impact on our air quality.

After researching a little, we decided that the fun way to better control it, would be producing our own candle!

Believe me, if I knew it was that easy, I would have done a long time ago!

We bought a few pounds of pure beeswax (look for your local supplier), candle molds (don’t worry if you don’t have specific one, any container would hold them well, we use mason jars too!) and the wick.

Double boiler them or microwave (I prefer microwaving, it goes faster!) IF YOU ARE USING THE MICROWAVE – attention, do it in a few minutes at a time, you don’t want the beeswax to burn! Research the how-to’s before trying your first time!

Pour into the molds and wait of it to harden. It might crack a little close to the center. Just save a bit of the wax to fill the gaps.

Why beeswax, here are a few of the health benefits:

·      Economic choice – beeswax burns at a higher temperature, therefore at a slower rate. Your little candle would last more than a paraffin candle;

·      Nature – beeswax comes from nature, you will be melting 100% beeswax, no chemicals added;

·      Beeswax burning in your home, and the beautiful honey smell, no comparison with any other toxic fragrances available;

·      Sootless- avoid breathing the black smoke, beeswax have very little soot. To enjoy this benefit to its fullest, please ensure that your wick is properly trimmed to one-quarter inch;

·      Beeswax candles actually work to purify the air. They cause all the nastiness, i.e. pollen, dust, odors, and toxins to literally fall from the air onto the floor. This happens via static electricity;

·      Steady flames – beeswax candle don’t flicker as much, it burns with a calm and steady flame;

There is nothing more soothing than a flicker light coming from you very own homemade beeswax candle, when all the lights are off.


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