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Back From Doll’s World.

After my art show was done, I decided to spend some time working on sculptures, nurturing another part of my artist’s brain.

I signed up for a workshop in Toronto with this amazing artist, Kate Church.

Her whimsical little figures, steel your heart and invade your life.

I came back floating on this new world of dolls and sculptures. It seems like my world has opened another door to the world of animation.

The figurines start from a ball of clay and slowly, with little pinches and pokes from here to there, the personality shows up.

I am hooked. So easy to spend hours making little people, dressing them up.

I have to say: the sewing part is not much fun for me, but I am loving the end result!

I guess I found what to do when I am not painting!





Places That Make Me Smile

I understand that some of all of us have a special place that we like to visit and just be.
I have a few of them, which includes my home – specially the reading room that I created, where I can just sit and relax.
My cottage – a little cabin by the lake where I let my imagination goes wild and enjoy life surrounded by my family and friends.
And, I recently found this very special studio, Casing Lightning Bugs, in Kingston, where I am greeted by these two beautiful artists that fill my day with joy and delight – thank you Annette and Tracy¬†for being so inspiring and welcoming. Here a few pictures taken in one of the studio’s open house.

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