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Back From Doll’s World.

After my art show was done, I decided to spend some time working on sculptures, nurturing another part of my artist’s brain.

I signed up for a workshop in Toronto with this amazing artist, Kate Church.

Her whimsical little figures, steel your heart and invade your life.

I came back floating on this new world of dolls and sculptures. It seems like my world has opened another door to the world of animation.

The figurines start from a ball of clay and slowly, with little pinches and pokes from here to there, the personality shows up.

I am hooked. So easy to spend hours making little people, dressing them up.

I have to say: the sewing part is not much fun for me, but I am loving the end result!

I guess I found what to do when I am not painting!





Artist Life – NOT Easy!

Another day, I was visiting a gem show in my city, I met a vendor who asked my profession and I told him, “I am a full time artist!”. He answered, “Wow, what an easy life!” I sighed and left…
Can someone please tell me who said that artist life is easy?!
Seriously, mine is  far from easy.
I wake up at 4 am because inspiration strikes and I can’t afford not to get the glimpse of a good idea.
I  do bookkeeping, marketing, sales, web design, gallery sitting, book shows, take pictures (photography is a big deal on this business), search for deals, beg for discounts, update pages on Facebook, write a blog, keep an etsy store going, apply for grants, apply for shows, keep track of what the other artists are doing, visit, when possible, galleries and art shows, paint, frame and hang my work!
Along with all these, I also, take  kids to school, swimming and gymnastics, cook, clean the house, fold the laundry (Mr. Sugar does the laundry! Lucky me!), socialize, play dates, birthday parties, volunteer at kids school, plus a few other things that probably slipped my mind.
I don’t watch TV because there is nothing there that is going to do all this work for me!
Once an awhile, I sit down to watch a movie, I probably fall asleep most of the time.
I am not complaining, I do it because I love it! But don’t come to me saying that my life is easy because IT IS NOT!
Artists united against prejudice!

The Artist Time

I’ve been enclosing myself in my cocoon lately. I usually go through phases like that, specially when my birthday is near.
I feel like a little thought and balance on things that happened in the current year brings good energy for the next one.
My thoughts revolve around life purposes, meanings, friendships, art, family…the important things.
Lately, I’ve been incorporating a few interesting techniques learnt from Julia Cameron’s book – The Artist Way, to my everyday life.
She introduced to me a very pleasant way to start my day, writing my morning pages (as she calls the morning journals), which I’ve been religiously practicing, early in the morning, sometimes under a candle light, while sipping my coffee.
It is a big morning catharsis and sets the tone for the entire day, my energy seems to flow better and even if my artist side doesn’t flare up intensely that day, I feel that at least, I had  accomplish something.
Another interesting exercise encouraged by Julia is the artist date.
I don’t have enough words to describe how productive is a weekly date with your own self, but in a more conscious way. It is not just getting out the house to have a break, it is a seeking for something more expressive during the date that can be brought back to your art!

I pack my “artist bag” (I actually bought a new one just for that), put my comfortable hiking shoes, grap my sketchbook, camera and off I go, very proud of myself and full of confidence.

I open my eyes to any little details on my way, either can be a crack on the concrete side walk or a beautiful bird song. The important is the active observation, no filters here, just take it all in…
During my artist walks, my imagination goes wild and stories start bubbling in my head.
There are little girls and boys, inventive toys, magical figures and special powers.
There is poetry, color, smells and life.
Words arrive in my mind like crazy spells and I hear the wind whispering little secrets. The flowers dance its tango and little beetles buzz around guiding me through the winding path. Where to go now?!
Maybe back home, life still out there and I have to bring all these treasures with me! Would they fit in my artist bag?! They always do!
Have a good weekend you all!

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