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Back From Doll’s World.

After my art show was done, I decided to spend some time working on sculptures, nurturing another part of my artist’s brain.

I signed up for a workshop in Toronto with this amazing artist, Kate Church.

Her whimsical little figures, steel your heart and invade your life.

I came back floating on this new world of dolls and sculptures. It seems like my world has opened another door to the world of animation.

The figurines start from a ball of clay and slowly, with little pinches and pokes from here to there, the personality shows up.

I am hooked. So easy to spend hours making little people, dressing them up.

I have to say: the sewing part is not much fun for me, but I am loving the end result!

I guess I found what to do when I am not painting!





Adventures in New York City

Happy 2013!
It started very well for me!
I spent four gorgeous days in New York City with my father.
We had a great time and I enjoy listening to his art knowledge, trying to keep every single word locked in my brain.
I basically took an empty luggage and came back with it packed.
Nothing you can really see, but the experience got ingrained in my soul and will slowly spill out in life.
It was a “let go” kind of trip. I expected nothing, I planned nothing, I wanted nothing special but at the end it was very rewarding.
I walked and let my feet take me to places.
I literally took 5 shirts, one pair of pants, one coat, one sweater, the toiletry, one pair of hiking boots and basic underwear for four days stay.
NO makeup, NO fancy clothes, NO jewelry.
It felt so good not having to worry about baggage being lost or misplaced.
I was free!
I wander about, I walked miles and miles, I talked to people I didn’t know, stared at the inspiring character who wonder around the city, ate sushi at a restaurant that was smaller than my bathroom, but tasted better than any sushi I ever had, I ate toasted chez nuts by the curb among the workers from a construction site, played at the toy store like all the other 7 year old kids, walked, walked,…
I had some money, not much, to spend in a few artsy items.
I didn’t buy any clothes.  New York has disappointed me on this. All the stores have Made In China clothes, nothing local, very unappealing!
I walked up, down and sideways.
I found a diamond  street, an orquidea street, a fabric street, a tourist street, little china, little Japan, little Brazil and an entire block with galleries! (yeah! Chelsea, I loved being there)
I also found Chelsea Market!
 When I saw all these people going inside this stinky funny looking building, couldn’t resist, I had to check it out! Lucky me, I found a little hidden spot, no tourists! Next time you go to New York, spend some time there, smell the spices, taste the cheeses, try the hot chocolates, coffees and of course, a good glass of wine.
In Little China I visited the artists Meca – Pearl Paints – a 7th floor building packed with artist’s supplies. No kidding, a little overwhelming. There was so much to see that I ended up with my basket empty, I didn’t know where to start! You got to have good legs to go up and down the old building stairs.
I bought books and had cappuccinos, read, slept and walk.
I missed my family a lot and being back to them was delightful.
I am grateful for having the opportunity to go in this trip, share and see so much life!
Until next trip…
“From The Other Side” acrylic and charcoal on canvas

Artist Life – NOT Easy!

Another day, I was visiting a gem show in my city, I met a vendor who asked my profession and I told him, “I am a full time artist!”. He answered, “Wow, what an easy life!” I sighed and left…
Can someone please tell me who said that artist life is easy?!
Seriously, mine is  far from easy.
I wake up at 4 am because inspiration strikes and I can’t afford not to get the glimpse of a good idea.
I  do bookkeeping, marketing, sales, web design, gallery sitting, book shows, take pictures (photography is a big deal on this business), search for deals, beg for discounts, update pages on Facebook, write a blog, keep an etsy store going, apply for grants, apply for shows, keep track of what the other artists are doing, visit, when possible, galleries and art shows, paint, frame and hang my work!
Along with all these, I also, take  kids to school, swimming and gymnastics, cook, clean the house, fold the laundry (Mr. Sugar does the laundry! Lucky me!), socialize, play dates, birthday parties, volunteer at kids school, plus a few other things that probably slipped my mind.
I don’t watch TV because there is nothing there that is going to do all this work for me!
Once an awhile, I sit down to watch a movie, I probably fall asleep most of the time.
I am not complaining, I do it because I love it! But don’t come to me saying that my life is easy because IT IS NOT!
Artists united against prejudice!

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