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Life Is Unfolding

What should I say?!
I’ve been away for awhile. Life has been presenting me with a whole lot of possibilities.
I’ve been learning a new painting technique with this very happy, intriguing, blooming group.
I spend most of my time between my family and my studio, life seems to go well like that.
I knew there was just a little something missing…I needed to exercise but no stamina to start.
I read my friend Tracy’s blog and she mentioned having a yoga teacher coming to her house, once a week for training session.
I immediately thought It would do wonders for me, since getting out of my house was the big deal!
So, two weeks ago I started my yoga practices. Soft music, meditation, quiet mind and one hour of learning to balance my body. mind and spirit.
I am not a believer of coincidences, I think life unfolds its magic in front of you when you start following your path with love.
I could hear my body screaming for a diet that focused on my body type and I preferred following the Ayurveda Medicine for a change.
I knew my basic dosha type was Vatta-Pitta (Kappa mind wise), so started selecting the food I ate based on that.
I am still struggling with a crave of sugar, but on the other hand, I discovered it is very good for my dosha. So, in moderation, why not?!
Together with my little changes, came my daily meditation practices, which make my day flow with a lot of beauty.
My paintings have been tuning to a quiet place, serene but still colorful.
My daily life has been filled with purpose, mindful choices and balance.
It feels good, very good…
In my quiet space, I wonder which steps to follow, listen to my heart and wish quietly in the Universe ears…

“Star Gazing”, mixed media on wood,  24″ x 24″
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