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Life Motto

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell

I grew up believing that we have a path to follow. That this path is not necessarily leading us to where we want to be, but takes us through emotions and situations we chose to study deeper, which would make us spiritually stronger.
Sometimes, path and destination get all mixed up! I think this happens when our intellect comes in and starts planning too much.
I thought the quote above would truly represent what is happening in my life now and I wanted  to share it.
So, writing your own life story does not necessarily takes you straight from point A to B, we got to live the little nuances life presents to us so we can get to where we want with a full baggage.
Enjoy your day and pack your bags with the good stuff!

The Answer Is Out There!

It past midnight, I went to bed early thinking that I would have a very relaxing sleep.
Something woke me up at midnight and I couldn’t go back to sleep.
My mind started revolving about the past week and all these interesting things that happened.
Apparently, none of them connected to each other.
They were vivid dreams, things that I “accidentally” said, stories coming out in my art…
I always felt very connected with the moon at its phases and decided to check on the calendar to see which one was approaching.
So, the moon would be full on the 7th! It makes sense, very emotional, big flow of energy.
But, this wasn’t the answer.

I knew there was something else that I was missing.
I decided to look at the other planets changing signs.
Some of you might have known the answer, but I was livid when I realized that I totally forgot this very important piece of information.
Neptune is entering Pieces in February 4th!
Tomorrow! Ops! NO IT IS TODAY! NOW!
When Neptune changes signs, it’s not just about what is coming, but more, how things change.
This planet rules mist, fog and mysticism. It does bring spiritual infusion where it touches, but it is so personal that makes it also very uncertain. We are never sure whether what we are feeling is good or bad.
Neptune rules sensitivity, but specially in Pieces (Neptune’s home), represents a divine experience in a highly personal way.
I was born in March 12th 1970, under the sign of Pieces.
I researched the effects of Neptune coming back to Pieces after more than 100 years and this is what I found out!

“Neptune comes home to your sign, making you more “you” than you realized you could be. That doesn’t mean it will always feel that way, as the sensitivity your sign is noted for comes to the surface.

When Neptune was in the sector of your sky ruling your dreams and your faith, it remained largely hidden. You felt your faith held power, but it remained a largely ephemeral assertion. Now, your idealism becomes undeniable to you and those around you. However, be cautious of escapism and a lack of clarity.  You can ground this tendency with sound practices and, most importantly, asking the right questions of yourself. What is most encouraging is you become committed to living your life in line with your most hopeful ideals, ensuring there is a touch of magic to all you do.
You find your purpose through compassion and will likely be drawn to spiritual paradigms that re-enforce a path of unity. You’ll find a more loving world-view that insists on a personal experience of the divine. You believe faith can make it so, and that belief itself often does. As long as your faith leads you to be more loving and kind to others, and reinforces our inherent unity, you are on the right path.”(taken from

This is a lot of information for the middle of the night!
Not sure if I can go back to bed, but certainly will be digging deeper on the hidden meanings of Neptune’s influence.
To all of you out there, have a great 13 years to come with Neptune carrying on its magic!

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