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Time And Art

Time and art, these are two concepts that should never be presented together.
I loose my time when I make art, but at the other hand, I don’t make art if I don’t have time!
Recently, I’ve been working late hours in the night. Colors have been dancing on my palette and shapes have been forming on my canvas.
It all starts with a black field, going into abstract work and figures start dancing in front of me!
Making art has been an exciting process and I can’t wait to share it with you!
So, put in your calendar.
November 24th I will have an open studio, along with Rheni Tauchid and her paintings on acrylic skins!
I will keep you posted for details later.
Please enjoy one of my latest creation – “Star Gazing” acrylic and charcoal on wood. It will be available together with many others in my open studio!

Emotional Compass – Friends

“I was to find myself facing north. For this to happen, I need the input and support of my friends. Left to my own devices, I just spin around. We have the expression “Everything went south.” I want to avoid that possibility. And so I seek the companionship of like minded spirits – people who are both tough-minded and tenderhearted.
Seeking to savor my life, I need to savor first of all my relationships. Friends keep me on track…”
(by Julia Cameron in The Creative Life)

Certainty is an amazing feeling to have. Knowing where you are going and how to get there is also a gift! However, for me these things would never be possible without friends support.
They are my emotional compass! They are the ones that pull me back when I am wandering. They are the ones that poke me to say “Hello! Earth is calling!”
They are the buffers of my tears, the amplifiers of my laughs.
Their a presence are so strong that sometimes they don’t even need to be there!
To all my friends, thank you for everything!

The following paintings are my latests creations, I hope you like them!
For more information, please visit my website or my Facebook page .

Seedlings – mixed media on wood

Transformation – mixed media on wood

Where I Am Standing On…

…I have no idea! But I am still standing!
That’s it, life is just passing fast, I am just hoping it is because summer is ending and there is still a lot to be done.
My kids had grown, so much, physically and intellectually that I’ve been bombarded with all sort of questions: How do babies get inside mommy’s belly?! Do you have to take a needle to have a baby?! (this was my favorite!) Is there alligators in the lake at the cottage?! Can my best friend and I be brothers for real life?! Can weekdays be weekends so I can play wii?! And this is only a few of what I had to answer during the summer!
My kids mind seemed to be working on bundles and at the end of the night, my favorite part of the day, when we cuddle beside each other on bedtime and they both say: “Mommy, this was a great day, I love you!” That pays off anything.
In the middle of summer activities, play dates, new discoveries, trips, cottage time, I actually managed to have my art shown at the Women’s Festival in town, which for me was a BIG step. Not only I loved to see how people reacted to my paintings and photographs but  I watching life little coincidences unfold in front of me, was just enchanting. Hey, I even sold a few pieces!
However, I have to say that I could not have done it alone. Thank you to Judith for being with me the whole day, setting up and packing my stuff.
Thank you Mr. Sugar for taking care of our little ones and bringing me coffee when I most needed and specially, thank you all that came and enjoyed the sunny day with me.
So, moving on, I left the festival with a mind full of ideas and could not wait to get back into my studio and produce more art.
I am telling you, this is addictive! Get ready to close your eyes and dream with what you will be doing next. It is a non stop creation mode.
Well, school is almost here, lunch boxes are organized (sort off), back packs bought, drawers cleans and house tidy. I am just going to sit back for the next few days with my lingering thoughts, my sketch book and let the beauty of the end of the summer enter our lives with the breezy smell of Fall.

When you have a chance, come and visit my website, there is a lot of new art posted! See you soon!

“Aquario” Mixed Media on wood, 12 x 24″ framed

When Things Go On a Different Way…

I know it is all I talk about, but I’ve been working very  hard for the art show on Sunday.
I will be surrounded by amazing artist women and really would like to cause a good impression…
Working with paint is like making bread, very forgiving. It doesn’t matter how big is your mistake, it always ends up in a pleasant surprise.
A few days ago I had poured way too much blue paint on my palette, I couldn’t get it back in the tube so decided to spread on to a canvas, as the paint went on, I saw the blue night sky showing and a need for more colors, when backed up, my garden was there, waiting for me to sit under the moon and watch nature blooming.
This is what I got.
“Night Bloom” – mixed media on canvas – 24 x 48″

If you want to have a closer look, come and visit me at the Women’s Art Festival in Kingston, this Sunday from 10am to 5pm. I will be at the booth 169.

The Artist Room

Painting has been a great find and amazing journey for me.
Lately, as I told you on my previous post, the tides from my country beaches flowed me with inspiration, the colors seem to dance on my palette, I just can’t top them!
However, thinking back, my first art show late April, I couldn’t stop myself from recreating the room it all happened.
So here it is, mixed media on cradled wooden panel – The Artist Room!

New Paintings

What a great weekend I had.
Spent time with my family, got caught up with a few things, dance, appreciated art and decided to add two more paintings to my etsy shop.
It took me awhile to let them go, but here they are!
These are pieces inspired by the art of Trash Couture. For those who don’t know, they make high couture fashion clothes out of scrap materials.
Last year, I was totally obsessed with them and could not stop myself from visiting their website and dream with every single piece of lace they added to a dress.
So I created my own trash couture and these are the results of dreaming with the perfect dress.

24″ x 24″
mixed media on cradled wood panel

Lovers Are Crazy
24″ x 24″
mixed media on cradled wood  panel

My Shop Is Open ! ! !

February is starting with a lot of novelties.
I am really trying to get back to exercise regularly, so I don’t feel my body so stiff and get my hormones more balanced.
I started today, with a long and productive walk by the water. The day was so gorgeous that I couldn’t resist.
But, the most exciting thing for me is to able to announce that the Wooden Chest Studio Shop is open again!
There you will find, mixed media and encaustic paintings, photography, vintage treasures and lots more!

Mixed Media on wood – Celebrating Life

So, I am celebrating life, friends and art!
Please, come by and have a peek.
Have a great week!


Two of my big addictions are visiting thrift stores and yard sales.
I can spend hours searching through boxes, bags and lately I have been very lucky.
I am adding more pillows to my collection and an endless supply of laces.
The bone china tea cups are also a great collectors items. I make an effort of always buying a different one, so I can enjoy my tea in a different cup!

I got this beautiful assortment of laces for only $ 2.99! What a bargain!
The following laces were bought for $4.99, I got close to 100 different ones…This is a huge finding! Can you imagine how much I can do with it?

This is a rectangular table cloth. Someone worked very hard to get this done and the thrift store was selling it for $9.00!

Card Making With Julia

Julia’s birthday is coming and she decided to make her own birthday card invitation.

Here is the outcome, aren’t they amazing ?! (Julia and the cards, of course)

So things are changing…

…and I feel like a working at the Wooden Chest Studio every single day!

What happened!?

So here I am collecting all sorts of things, to the point that my daughter, Julia, has picked up the same habit. She found a bunch of rusty old metal bits on the lake shore and brought them home.
I feel that slowly I am starting to understand where all this is taking me.

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