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What If…

What if I had done things differently?
What if I had chosen a different profession?
What if I had got out of the bus before my stop?
Our lives are filled with wonder, if we had done things on a different way.
This has such a heavy weight on our souls.

It is packed with guilt, regret, sorrow, grief.
There is no room for growth based on things that you have no control of. These are not facts that were part of your life, they ARE NOT REAL!
I can’t be living, thinking what my life would be IF…
So, I decided, from now on, my big question will be done on future form.

From now on, all the “what ifs” in my life, will be filled with opportunities!
What if I choose to go back to school?
What if I decide to go around the world with my family?
What if I do this or that…
I chose to illustrate this post with a few pictures taken from a very close perspective, just because, sometimes, the opportunities we are waiting for are right bellow our nose.
What if I look close to me…

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