I Am a Helper!!!

Yes, right!
It seems like everybody else is.
I filled a test online to find out my Enneagram personality. An excellent source for self-discovery.
I had done the test 20 years ago and totally forgot my type. So I bought the online survey, only 10 dollars. There are a few for free but not so accurate.
I have a strong Helper personality! Sometimes good, sometimes gets me into trouble.
The description is so amazing that made me go back in life and understand a few incidents.
Possessive! My husband is going to like to hear that! See Mr. Sugar, it is not my fault, just my kind personality!
What I really liked was the image they chose for the Helper!
Isn’t she lovely?!
I can see myself on my kitchen apron baking some goodies!
Have a great weekend you all, I have to sip my coffee over 15 pages of self-discovery!

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