New Year Magic!

I come from a country, Brazil, where  New Year’s eve celebration is almost sacred.
I grew up planning and hoping for a great New Year’s party because that would reflect on how great the following year would be. Everything was important, the people I hang out with, the clothes I wore for the night, the way I showered, the food I ate…
So much energy spend in only one night. The first of January would come, the sun would rise the same and I was the same.
Today, after living in Canada for 13 years, I understand that my New Year magic is everyday!
It is based on the way I talked to people, the way I interact with the world, the way I love and the way I give thanks.
Gratitude is the key work for every magic you want to place in your life!
Gratitude brings joy to your everyday little activities, to little smiles, gestures, surprises.
It fills your heart with so much love that spreads around and joy is all what surrounds you.
An artist friend, Tracy Olan, has a beautiful description of these little moments:

Some moments are for fine tuning your groove, so you can live the life you signed up for.  Some moments are for treasuring the ground you stand on, just grateful to be getting another chance to get it right and be near the ones you hold in your heart.”

So all I wish you for this coming year is be perceptive of these little miracles, be grateful for life and change will come!
Happy 2013!
Thank you all who brought so much magic into my life!

“Night Bloom” – mixed media on canvas

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