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Babi Sugarman, a self-taught artist, who moved to Canada, from Brazil, more than a decade ago.
Since then she has been working with textiles, patterns, paintings and figurines.
She usually starts by applying random color fields to the canvas, layer by layer, highlighting a few details and finding her eyes twirling on the canvas, looking for place to set her heart.
Her paintings develop with no intentions but tent to tell stories, reflect time, stimulate the senses, evoke old memories and nurture dreams at the same time, and Babi hopes to take the audience to that special place in their hearts.
Babi’s art is now, part of collections in Brazil, North America and Germany.



2015/June – Art Among the Ruins – Newburgh – ON

2014/August – Women’s Art Festival – Kingston – ON

2014/June – Art Among the Ruins

2013/August – Women’s Art Festival – Kingston – ON

2013/May – Interconnected Arts Tour – Kingston – ON

2012/November – Art Salon – Kingston, ON

2012/September – Fair For Friends – United Way Campaign – art work donation

2012/August – Women’s Art Festival – Kingston, ON

2012/May – exhibition at Little White House Studios – Kingston, ON

Art Publication:

2011/February – Apronology


1993 – Graduate from Law School at Candido Mendes University in Brazil



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