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My Artist Bag

It is hard to have just one!

Artist bags should be hung on the wall by categories and mood.

I wish I could take the entire studio with me on my walks.

Usually I bring with me:

a few pencils,


my sketchbook, which by the way it is NOT watercolor paper, what makes the paper wrinkle a bit but I don’t really care,

a watercolor travel set,

tissue paper and

a camera to capture the little surprises on the way.

I sketch fast, don’t really want to get attained on details, I like to paint the mood, colors and feelings. Realism does not match with my personality anyway.

My passenger’s car seat is my office desk and the city ticket guys already know me!

“Keep moving your are on a NO parking zone, mam!”

“Sorry Sir, but I am drawing this area (show them the sketchbook), any chance to hang out for a bit?!”

“Five minutes…”

I guess art does touch everybody’s heart at some level!

I heard a quote the other day that I’ve been using as a motto: “You should not have to spend a lot of money to make art!”. I believe Alisa Burke said that, not sure.


my artist bag


My Life In A Sketchbook

So, I decided to set my diary/journal aside for while. Step outside the world, and try with very quick drawings show you what I see everyday.

I bought a watercolor travel set, which gives me just a few colors, enough to get started and not too picky.

I packed my artist bag (which I will be showing to you soon) and went around downtown,  wishing for a clue.

Spring is here, and boats are getting in the water.

What a lovely feeling, having the wind on my face.

Some call it Freedom, I might call it – Life!

Welcome to my sketchbook project!

sketchbook-8 sketchbook-9





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