Where I Am Standing On…

…I have no idea! But I am still standing!
That’s it, life is just passing fast, I am just hoping it is because summer is ending and there is still a lot to be done.
My kids had grown, so much, physically and intellectually that I’ve been bombarded with all sort of questions: How do babies get inside mommy’s belly?! Do you have to take a needle to have a baby?! (this was my favorite!) Is there alligators in the lake at the cottage?! Can my best friend and I be brothers for real life?! Can weekdays be weekends so I can play wii?! And this is only a few of what I had to answer during the summer!
My kids mind seemed to be working on bundles and at the end of the night, my favorite part of the day, when we cuddle beside each other on bedtime and they both say: “Mommy, this was a great day, I love you!” That pays off anything.
In the middle of summer activities, play dates, new discoveries, trips, cottage time, I actually managed to have my art shown at the Women’s Festival in town, which for me was a BIG step. Not only I loved to see how people reacted to my paintings and photographs but  I watching life little coincidences unfold in front of me, was just enchanting. Hey, I even sold a few pieces!
However, I have to say that I could not have done it alone. Thank you to Judith for being with me the whole day, setting up and packing my stuff.
Thank you Mr. Sugar for taking care of our little ones and bringing me coffee when I most needed and specially, thank you all that came and enjoyed the sunny day with me.
So, moving on, I left the festival with a mind full of ideas and could not wait to get back into my studio and produce more art.
I am telling you, this is addictive! Get ready to close your eyes and dream with what you will be doing next. It is a non stop creation mode.
Well, school is almost here, lunch boxes are organized (sort off), back packs bought, drawers cleans and house tidy. I am just going to sit back for the next few days with my lingering thoughts, my sketch book and let the beauty of the end of the summer enter our lives with the breezy smell of Fall.

When you have a chance, come and visit my website, there is a lot of new art posted! See you soon!

“Aquario” Mixed Media on wood, 12 x 24″ framed
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