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Inner Sparks

Sometimes, I wonder, about this thing inside me, that makes me jump at the first possibility that life presents.
It is a knowledge that something is about to change, but I  haven’t had the clue.
It is usually, a good feeling, a sense of direction, a well fit situation.
An ice melting sense with wonders for what is about to appear.
I start putting all my possibilities on the table, and stare at them, imagining what it could be!
At some point, I would give up on staring and I would start working with my essential oils – they tend to settle this inner turmoil down a bit and make things getting more clear
I’ve been working on this impulsive personality for a few years now, at first, I would jump right into the first sign in front of me, without pondering, which got me, many times, inside  the “wrong bus”!
Not sure if this expression makes sense in English, but in my country, we use it often to illustrate a situation where you act as pure impulse on the wrong time – don’t get me wrong, I love impulses, but on the right time!
So, I bumped accidentally into this lovely quotation, thanks to my dear friend Diana Heyes (I read Robin Sharma’s book!), and…

“Trust yourself. Create the kind of life you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny inner sparks of possibility into the flames of achievement.” 
Foster C. McClellan
…I got it! 
It is all about fanning the right thing and NOT EVERYTHING that sparks!
Not too difficult, hey?!
I hope this leaves you with a lot of sparkling thoughts!
Lots of love…


Life With Gratitude!

Dear friends,
I know gratitude is a very personal state and each of us choose to live or not to live with it.

I chose waking up every day and being grateful for my family, for health, for lovely kids, for my dear husband, for being in Canada (my new home), for having friends, for my parents, my brothers, for having a work, for being alive, for life little every day miracles.

So I decided to copy from a website (sorry, I misplaced the link) a list of things that might help some of you on the journey to gratitude!

Tips for making your life more rich and positive.

Red square Enjoy the beauty, richness, love and opportunities that already exist in your life.
Red square Express appreciation to people who do or give nice things to you. (Even if you receive a gift you don’t particularly like, you can still acknowledge the positive qualities of the gift and the thoughtfulness of the giver.)
Red square Reframe painful or disappointing events as opportunities for growth and learning. Deliberately look for silver linings!
Red square Become aware of how much of your thoughts and conversation are devoted to complaints, how much of your focus is on what is lacking in your life.
Red square Be an example of happiness, abundance and appreciation. Watch out for tendencies to minimize or apologize for the good in your life, either to protect someone less fortunate or out of fear of attracting misfortune. Living small serves no one.
Red square If you don’t already have one, start a personal gratitude journal. End your day writing down at least three things you feel grateful for.
Red square Create a family gratitude journal. Encourage everyone in the family to write, draw or dictate at least one contribution a week. (If weekly participation is impractical at this point, try this activity on birthdays or holidays, or even once a year, perhaps during the week before Thanksgiving or New Year’s.)
Red square Let the people you care about know that you are grateful to have them in your lives–and why!

Be in Gratitude!!!

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